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Cracks In Garage Floor: Causes and Preventive Measures

Correct subsidence in your home with cost-effective house releveling. Underpinning or demolition/rebuilding may be necessary in severe cases. Click here to learn more!

Home Office Design Ideas To Boost Creativity And Productivity

Correct subsidence in your home with cost-effective house releveling. Underpinning or demolition/rebuilding may be necessary in severe cases. Click here to learn more!

House Releveling vs Demolition and Rebuilding: Which is Right for You?

Correct subsidence in your home with cost-effective house releveling. Underpinning or demolition/rebuilding may be necessary in severe cases. Click here to learn more!

Underpinning: What You Need to Know Before Undertaking a Foundation Repair Project

This blog post will explore the underpinning basics and provide some tips for homeowners and businesses considering this foundation repair project.

How to Fill a Void Under a Concrete Slab?

If you work in the concrete industry and encounter this problem, you’ll need to know how to fix it. But first, we’ll explore what causes voids under concrete slabs and how to fill them.

Why Slab Jacking is the Best Method of Relevelling a Concrete Slab?

Slab jacking is an affordable, long term and effective way of re-levelling your concrete slab. In this article, we’ll be discussing slab jacking, as well as its applications and benefits.

Underpinning A House: The Main Causes Of Foundation Failure

To ensure the health and longevity of your home or property, the foundations must be performing correctly, always keeping you and other occupants safe.

How Can Underpinning Repair a Faulty Foundation?

Repairing the footings or foundations of a house can be quite an undertaking – whether you’ve just bought one and discovered a fault or have an existing home that’s been rocked by something like a rare weather event, causing a crack in the footing or subsidence (settlement) in the foundation.

Why Do Footings, Slabs, Buildings & Structures Sink?

If you have heard people discussing sinking foundations, you may have conjured up a raft of images. It isn’t as dramatic as a home being swallowed whole by a sudden sinkhole.

What will leaking pipes do to your house foundation?

Leaks can develop in the home from time to time – even the most conscientious homeowner is vulnerable. Fortunately, many of the most frequent leaks occur in locations that are reasonably simple to reach, such as beneath a sink, in the shower or the toilet.

What To Do If Your House Floods

If there’s one thing for sure, the start of 2022 has undoubtedly brought havoc and devastation to many regions of Australia. Unlike many of us have seen before, weather systems have created flash floods and significant damage across the east coast. Lives have been lost, and many homes have perished due to flooding.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Cracks In Walls?

Why do cracks appear? While wall cracks can signify more significant structural damage, they can also be superficial and unsightly. It’s best to get to the root of the issue before filling the cracks. 

How To Fill A Void Under Concrete And Why It’s Essential?

Residential and commercial property owners often need to spend a hefty amount on maintenance. If your property is relatively old, you might need to invest a higher amount to mitigate the voids under the structure of buildings.

Which method of underpinning should I use?

If the foundations of your home have begun to dilapidate or underperform, it might be time to underpin your home. Find out which method of underpinning is right for you?

What Is The Best Solution For Sinking Concrete Slabs In Warehouses?

Warehouses can face various structural problems that can damage the interior and exterior walls of the warehouse, foundations, columns, concrete slabs, etc. What is best solution for sinking concrete slabs in warehouses?

Buying or selling a house with subsidence: things you need to know

The subsidence of a house can be a shocking revelation if you’re a homeowner trying to sell or are looking at purchasing a home.

Sinkholes — What are they and the warning signs to look out for?

Sinkholes can appear anywhere, but they do not form in a fraction of a second. Sinkholes take time from months to years to appear.

Do you have Jammed Doors & Windows? Here’s why & how to fix the issue

Are you having problems with jammed doors and stuck windows throughout your house? Here’s why & how to fix the issue.

Underpinning vs. Geopolymer Injection – What is Better & Why?

There are two primary methods to stabilise a house with subsidence problems: concrete underpinning and geopolymer injection. What is Better & Why?

How to Protect your House from Being Damaged by Ground Subsidence?

If you live in a house built on Australian soils, you might be at some risk of subsidence. It’s important to know if this could happen because subsidence rarely resolves itself without specialist intervention.

What is Subsidence & How It Affects the Value (And Saleability) of Your Home?

Have you noticed sloping or sinking floors in any part of your house? Do you see zigzag patterned cracks in walls, unlevelled concrete slabs on driveways, pathways, or doors and windows getting jammed or misaligned?

What is Underpinning, and How Can It Save My Home?

Underpinning is a process by which the existing foundation of a building is re-supported and reinforced to distribute the load over a larger surface area or back onto competent ground.

How Concerned Should You Be About Cracks in the Walls?

Cracks on your walls are not only unsightly but can also pose a threat to both safety and structural integrity if left untreated for long.

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