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Raise + Relevel is your reliable partner in structural stabilisation and repair. Our experienced team provides thorough underpinning services designed to strengthen and level the foundations of your home or building.

We offer a solid solution to prevent further settlement and regain the stability of your building by deepening your foundation or enhancing the soil conditions beneath it. Our underpinning services are designed to meet the unique challenges of every building, providing clients with a reliable way to restore and maintain the integrity of their building’s foundation.

What is Underpinning?

Underpinning is a specialised construction process to strengthen and stabilise a building’s foundation. This technique involves extending the foundation to a more stable soil layer or distributing the building’s load over a larger area to enhance its load-bearing capacity.

A foundation’s integrity can be impacted by several things. These include erosion, subsidence, broken services that lead to water saturation, poorly designed foundations, large trees on the property, or even drought conditions. When these problems appear, underpinning becomes necessary to prevent further damage and guarantee structural safety.

The three primary methods of underpinning are:

  1. Concrete Footings: This age-old technique involves building new footings that are deeper than the current foundation to provide stability and limit mobility.
  2. Screw-Pile: This technique uses a more secure soil basis using steel piers next to the current concrete footings. Jacked up to its original position, the building can be sealed up to eliminate any gaps or fractures.
  3. Polyurethane Resin Injection: The contemporary method injects polyurethane resin into the earth around the shaky foundation. Resin’s expanding qualities force the soil to be dynamically compressed and fill spaces beneath the footings, boosting its bearing capacity.

What Does Underpinning Do?

Underpinning serves several critical functions in enhancing the stability of a building.

It reinforces foundations. Underpinning offers additional support to the structure by either increasing the depth of the foundation or enhancing the quality of the soil beneath it. To achieve this, the area surrounding the foundation is typically excavated to reach a more stable layer of soil. This allows for the installation of new underpinning footings. Methods such as traditional concrete underpins and conventional mass techniques offer strong and permanent solutions to support the structure.

It reduces the risk of further subsidence. Underpinning is applied to the foundation to stabilise it and prevent further settlement or sinking of the building. This is accomplished by treating the underlying reasons, which may include erosion, poorly compacted soil, or housing subsidence. Because of this, not only is the structure guaranteed to be stable over the long term, but it also helps to prevent the need for more comprehensive and expensive repairs in the future.

It closes cracks and gaps. Methods such as screw-piling allow the building to be jacked up, effectively closing any cracks and gaps that may already be present in the structure. This essential step restores the structure’s structural integrity and ensures the property owners are satisfied with the end result.

It improves the load distribution. By redistributing the load over a larger area or onto more competent ground, underpinning ensures that the foundation can bear the weight of the building more effectively.

Why Do You Need Underpinning?

If you’re wondering whether your home or building might require underpinning, there are several signs to watch for. To start with, look out for visible cracks in walls, gaps around doors and windows, and unlevel floors—these are all common indicators of sinking foundations.

Other red flags include sloping or uneven floors, noticeable movement or tilting causing structural issues, and persistent water damage or dampness in the basement. These issues can significantly weaken the foundation, making underpinning projects essential to restore stability.

Addressing these issues early is essential for the safety and stability of your property. Ignoring them can lead to more extensive and expensive repairs down the line. And trusting your underpinning to professional repair specialists guarantees that the foundations of your home or property will be strengthened effectively, leaving you happy with the result of your underpinning job.

The benefits go beyond stability, too. Proper underpinning can also increase the value of your property by ensuring it’s structurally sound and safe. Plus, it provides peace of mind knowing that your property is secure from future settling or shifting, preserving your investment for years to come.

At Raise + Relevel, we specialise in identifying and addressing foundation issues with precision and care. Our team of experts will assess your situation and recommend the best underpinning solution to keep your home or commercial building safe and stable.

Call R+R Today for Underpinning Services

When it comes to your property’s foundation, you deserve the best care possible. Trusting your underpinning needs to professional repair specialists ensures the foundations will be strengthened effectively, leaving you happy with the results.

At Raise + Relevel, we know how crucial a stable foundation is for the safety and longevity of your property, whether residential, commercial or industrial. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing high-quality underpinning services tailored to meet your property’s specific needs. Whether you’re dealing with minor cracks or significant structural issues, we’ve got the expertise and tools to restore your property’s stability.

Our process involves:

  • Foundation Assessment: We thoroughly assess your foundation to identify the underlying issues and recommend the most appropriate underpinning method.
  • Customised Solutions: Based on our assessment, we develop a customised underpinning plan that addresses your specific needs and ensures the best possible outcome.
  • Professional Execution: Our team uses state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to carry out the underpinning process efficiently and effectively.
  • Post-Underpinning Support: We provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure the long-term stability and safety of your foundation.

We service areas across Australia, including Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, and Melbourne. If you suspect your property may need underpinning, don’t wait until the problem gets worse. Contact Raise + Relevel today to schedule a consultation with one of our specialists.

Our experts are here to deliver reliable, effective underpinning solutions that stand the test of time. Your building’s stability is our priority, and we promise to go above and beyond to ensure you’re happy with the results. With Raise + Relevel’s underpinning services, you can rest assured your property is safe and secure for years to come.

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Questions you should ask

Your home is everything to you and your family, so before going ahead with any subsidence repairs, we’ve put together a list of questions our customers should ask:

What actual experience in resin injection does the person quoting my job have?

We offer advice, not sales, so we don’t employ salespeople. The person who quotes your job does your job, and has been relevelling homes like yours for over 15 years.

How many homes have you raised and relevelled?

Our specialists have raised over 7,000 homes in total.

What guarantee do I get that the solution is permanent?

If the problem returns, we return. We provide a fully guaranteed warranty on materials and workmanship.

How do I know I’m getting the best value?

At R+R, we have no call centres, no sales people and minimal overheads, all of which enables us to provide the best value for our customers.

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R+R will deliver you better value, through real experience, with guaranteed results.