Cracked Walls

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Cracked Walls

Are cracked walls something you should be concerned about?

The cracking of walls is a warning sign of structural damage that should not be ignored.

Wall cracking is often due to subsidence causing structural movement and possibly damage.

Wall crack repairs are common in properties in most metropolitan regions of Australia, particularly Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Whilst hairline cracks in walls are sometimes superficial, brick wall cracks and cracked walls often indicate sinking foundations and are a serious structural concern often requiring underpinning.

If your house is cracking and wall cracks are left unattended, this can cause further structural damage, endanger tenants and devalue your property.

What to do if your House is Cracking?

If your house is cracking Raise and Relevel has specialised polyurethane resin injection methods for wall repairs and underpinning properties or assets of any size.

Raise and Relevel ground surgeons all have over 15 years of experience to provide you advice (not sales) about repairing your wall cracks and undertaking structural repairs.

If your house has cracks in its interior walls or exterior walls, your house may require foundation repairs, ground improvement or concrete footings relevelled.

As your house is re-levelled, wall cracks will generally close, fixing a crack in the wall and making it ready for cosmetic repairs.

Importantly, after Raise and Relevel have completed polyurethane resin injection ground improvement, the causes of the structural issues associated with the cracking of walls are addressed. The ground is improved for the long term.

What you need to know about Wall Repairs and Wall Crack Repairs

When your house is cracking there are three aspects to be considered for the wall crack repairs as follows;

Ground Improvement

Raise and Relevel ground surgeons use a polyurethane resin injection method of modern underpinning called Deep Injection. This dynamically compacts the ground under your house to increase the ground’s bearing capacity and achieve the ground improvement necessary to support your structure and eliminate subsidence long term.

Raising + Releveling

Once the ground has been improved, foundations and slabs are then raised and relevelled by our ground surgeons using other polyurethane resin injection techniques known as Deep Lifting and Slab Lifting.

These techniques will address the problem if your house or walls are cracking. Once undertaken, hairline cracks in walls and brick wall cracks should close and be ready for cosmetic repairs.

Brick Stitching 

Before cosmetically repairing cracks in walls and brick wall cracks, Raise and Relevel recommend considering the brick stitching technique. Raise & Revel specialises in brick stitching, a cracked wall repair method that involves strengthening the areas where there are cracked walls and rebonding the sections of the walls that used to be monolithic.

Brick Stitching is a wall crack repairs method consisting of chasing out brick mortar courses intersecting the wall crack, inserting proprietary stainless steel tension rods and re-mortaring with a proprietary high early strength grout.

When your house is cracking, our recommended way to repair cracks in walls is by combining brick stitching with polyurethane resin injection to provide a ‘belts & braces’ long term solution.

How to tell if wall cracks are serious?

Wall cracks can occur for a range of reasons, and not all of them signify a serious problem. Here’s how to determine if the crack in the wall is cause for concern:

Type of Crack: Different types of cracks indicate different issues. Hairline cracks are often due to plaster drying and are not usually serious. However, wide cracks, diagonal cracks, and vertical cracks might suggest more severe underlying structural issues.

Location: Cracks in load-bearing walls, near windows or doors, or along the ceiling line may indicate a structural defect. Bay windows and retaining walls are also common spots where cracks appear due to soil settlement or tree roots.

Movement and Size: If the cracks increase in size over time or if you notice any movement when you press on the wall, contact a structural engineer immediately for a thorough inspection.

Water Damage: Water ingress from leaks can contribute to wall cracks. Check for signs of water damage around the cracks.

Foundation Issues: Foundations subsiding can lead to significant cracks. If you suspect this, book an inspection to identify any underlying structural problems.

Preventative measures to avoid future cracks

At Raise and Relevel, we offer a range of services designed to maintain the structural integrity of your property and avoid future wall cracking.

Monitor Moisture Levels

Our team can help you install and maintain effective drainage systems to divert water away from your foundation. We can also check for leaks in plumbing, gutters, and downpipes when you need us, to keep your home’s moisture levels in check.

Manage Vegetation

We provide guidance on planting trees and shrubs at safe distances from your home. For existing large trees close to your property, we can assist with the right advice and referrals to help you manage root growth and prevent potential damage.

Address Soil Conditions

Dealing with reactive soils, which expand and contract with moisture changes, is crucial. We offer solutions such as installing moisture barriers and providing advice on maintaining consistent soil moisture around your foundation.

Regular Maintenance and Inspections

Our team conducts thorough checks of your interior walls, exterior walls, and foundation. We can provide inspections at any time to identify any pre-existing structural issues you might be concerned about.

Why choose R+R for cracked walls?

  • We have extensive experience in dealing with cracked walls. Our team uses advanced ground engineering techniques such as permeation grouting, resin injection, and slab lifting to stabilise foundations and improve the bearing capacity of the soil, addressing the root causes of wall cracking.
  • We offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of each project. From stabilising heritage listed properties to repairing cracks in both residential and commercial buildings, our solutions are designed to address a wide array of structural issues.
  • Our innovative use of polyurethane resin ensures a noninvasive approach to repairing wall cracks. This method involves injecting resin into the ground beneath the structure, which then expands and solidifies, strengthening the soil and providing a stable base for your home or building without the need for extensive demolition and replacement.
  • We understand that repair costs can be a significant concern for homeowners. Our methods are designed to be both effective and economical, so you receive high-quality repairs without breaking the bank.
  • Raise and Relevel employs cutting-edge solutions such as cementitious grouting and polyurethane resin injection. These advanced techniques allow us to tackle even the most challenging wall and foundation issues efficiently and effectively.
  • Finally, we recognise every property has unique needs. Whether you’re dealing with sunken slabs, pool surrounds, or void filling, our team conducts thorough structural assessments to determine the best course of action. We ensure that the solutions we provide are tailored to improve the overall stability of your property.

When you choose Raise + Relevel, you’re working with a company that delivers results. Want to know more? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your cracked wall repairs.

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Questions you should ask

Your home is everything to you and your family, so before going ahead with any subsidence repairs, we’ve put together a list of questions our customers should ask:

What actual experience in resin injection does the person quoting my job have?

We offer advice, not sales, so we don’t employ salespeople. The person who quotes your job does your job, and has been relevelling homes like yours for over 15 years.

How many homes have you raised and relevelled?

Our specialists have raised over 7,000 homes in total.

What guarantee do I get that the solution is permanent?

If the problem returns, we return. We provide a fully guaranteed warranty on materials and workmanship.

How do I know I’m getting the best value?

At R+R, we have no call centres, no sales people and minimal overheads, all of which enables us to provide the best value for our customers.

Why should I choose you?

R+R will deliver you better value, through real experience, with guaranteed results.