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Heritage Listed Solutions

Managing ground subsidence and concrete levelling issues for all protected sits, heritage listed buildings and structures.

Heritage listed buildings are a significant part of our society’s history.

Many historical buildings across Australia are heritage listed as a way to preserve their significance from the past and serve as a nostalgic reminder for the future.

However, as these buildings are often older and fragile, issues with land subsidence can end up causing irreparable damage to these important structures.

Raise and Relevel are Australia’s specialists in polyurethane resin injection technologies for ground subsidence-related problems.

Our advanced solutions can be undertaken at any time of day or night, causing minimal disruption and zero down time.

Our solutions are long-term, effective and cost-efficient for all heritage listed buildings, remediating ground issues and preserving their integrity for many years to come.

We solve your ground subsidence-related issues with resin injection underpinning solutions

Sinking Slabs

Unlevel Buildings

Weak Ground

Sinkholes and Voids

Water Ponding Issues

We can help
you with

Releveling sunken buildings:

we improve weak or subsiding ground to solve structural distress issues.

Solving ponding or dished floors:

by raising and releveling slabs, we address water collection issues and ponding.

Concrete slab lifting:

if your slabs are overloaded, flexed or sinking, we perform resin slab jacking to relevel them.

Heritage Listed Buildings + Structures

Most heritage listed buildings are aged and fragile structures, requiring regular maintenance to maintain their integrity and preserve them for future generations.

However, land subsidence issues under or in the vicinity of a heritage listed building can cause an already delicate structure to become unstable and put it at risk of collapsing.

As many heritage listed structures are still used as offices or government buildings, this can also cause issues with public safety, as well as disruption to business operations.

Our concrete levelling and underpinning solutions can help to restore stability to heritage listed structures using non-invasive techniques to maintain the integrity of the building while eliminating disruptions and safety issues.

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