Transportation and Infrastructure Solutions

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Transportation and Infrastructure Solutions

Managing ground subsidence and concrete levelling issues for all transport and public infrastructure sites.

As demand for transport increases, so does the stress caused to the infrastructure that carries it.

Roads, railways, airports, seaports and truck yards require a significant amount of structural strength to sustain daily traffic levels. However, this strength deteriorates over time, causing uneven ground, cracks and sinking slabs that can disrupt traffic and pose a risk to public safety.

Raise and Relevel are Australia’s specialists in polyurethane resin injection technologies for subsidence-related solutions.

It can be administered out of hours, causing minimal disruption and only takes 30 minutes of curing time.

Our transport and infrastructure solutions are long-term, effective and cost-efficient for all transport-carrying surfaces and structures, remediating the issues and minimising disruption.

We solve your ground subsidence-related issues with resin injection underpinning solutions

Sinking Slabs

Unlevel Buildings

Weak Ground

Sinkholes and Voids

Water Ponding Issues

We can help
you with

Releveling unlevel buildings:

we improve weak or subsiding ground to solve structural distress issues.

Solving ponding or dished floors:

by raising and releveling slabs, we address water collection issues and ponding.

Concrete slab lifting:

if your slabs are overloaded, flexed or sinking, we perform slab jacking to relevel them.

Road + Rail

Roads and railways need regular maintenance to continue to support high levels of heavy traffic, as land subsidence issues and surface cracks can cause major disruptions and safety risks.

Our team of experts can provide slab jacking and underpinning to carriageways, level crossings, train stations and more to stabilise surfaces and reduce ongoing damage.

Airports + Seaports

Airports and seaports run primarily on efficiency, and major disturbances due to ineffective or unsafe infrastructure can affect productivity levels and affect multiple entities.

Through slab jacking and concrete levelling, we ensure that aircraft and other heavy machinery can continue to operate on safe, even ground to maintain productivity and meet deadlines.

Truck + Bus Yards

Uneven surfaces and sunken concrete floors in truck and bus yards can cause extensive damage to the large vehicles that move over them on a regular basis.

Our relevelling and concrete slab jacking solutions can rehabilitate and restore high traffic areas, remove hazards and protect your important machinery.

Polyurethane resin injection is also highly effective in sealing leaking stormwater collection pits, sumps and culverts which can be commonplace in transport infrastructure.

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A 75-year warranty on our resin products and 2 years warranty on workmanship, so if the problem returns, so do we – for free.

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