Do you have Jammed Doors & Windows? Here’s why & how to fix the issue

Aron Warren - September 22, 2021 - 0 comments

Are you having problems with jammed doors and stuck windows? 

These problems could indicate a serious problem such as foundation damage relating to settlement, which is more likely to be the case if you’ve noticed there are no gaps around the windows or doors. If left unattended, these minor inconveniences may become major structural issues.

A common cause of jammed doors and windows

Difficulty opening or closing doors and windows could indicate that you may have an unstable or sinking foundation, which is often referred to as subsidence. This happens when the ground under your home is no longer able to manage the weight or load of your home, and the foundation begins to settle, and can also happen as a result of changes in the soil conditions. If you notice difficulties such as stuck doors, jammed windows, and diagonal cracks on your walls, you need to closely monitor the problem and have your home assessed professionally. 

In order to establish the best way of fixing the problem of jammed windows and doors, the exact cause needs to be found. The common causes of a home’s foundation settlement or movement are:

A decline in groundwater level

Land subsidence happens when there has been a substantial decrease in groundwater due to certain soils and rocks. The fine sediments of the rocks compact when the water reduces because water plays a key role in holding or keeping the ground up. So, when previously level ground experiences a significant decline in groundwater level, the soil will compact and start to sink, causing the foundation to settle as well. When the foundation settles, one of the most common visible symptoms would be door jamming.

1. Soil erosion 

Flowing water, like when there is flooding, can erode the soil. When there is flowing water beneath a foundation, the soil will erode, causing voids. Voids – in turn – cause a loss of the ground’s load-bearing capacity leading to settling. Settling will then cause problems such as your window being stuck.

2. Vibrations

When there is construction work happening near your home, especially excavation work or piling, there is substantial vibration of the underlying soil.

3. Faulty foundation design

Jammed doors and windows can also indicate subsidence caused by the faulty design of your home’s foundation. When there has been inadequate or inaccurate information regarding soil changes, there will be errors in the design. The compressibility of the soil could have been underestimated, thus causing settlement.

How to fix the problem

The solution will depend on the exact cause of the subsidence. Subsidence means unlevelled ground. Certain areas may be sinking, which will in turn damage the foundation of your home. The ground, therefore, needs to be level again. 

If the reason for the problem is a faulty foundation, it may not be due to subsidence. The solution may be the use of concrete reinforcement. If the cause is subsidence, then the use of resin injection technology may be the perfect fix. 

To find the right solution, you need to seek the help of experts in subsidence repair. They will help you determine the exact cause of your jammed windows and provide you will the best solution.

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