Why Slab Jacking is the Best Method of Relevelling a Concrete Slab?

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Does your property have sunken concrete sections? Not only can this be an eyesore and affect the look of your property, but it can also be dangerous, as you could find yourself constantly tripping over the uneven joints. 

You may have considered replacing your concrete slab, but this option is highly expensive and time-consuming. Instead of drastic measures such as slab replacement, you have another option available— and that is re-levelling your concrete slab through slab jacking.

Slab jacking is an affordable, long term and effective way of re-levelling your concrete slab. Here at Raise and Relevel, we are your local slab jack experts and offer these solutions to commercial and residential clients. In this article, we’ll be discussing slab jacking, as well as its applications and benefits.


What is Slab Jacking?

Slab jacking is a very common method of re-levelling concrete that is also often referred to as ‘concrete lifting’, ‘foam jacking’ or ‘concrete levelling’. Slab jacking is a process in which sunken portions of a concrete slab are raised to restore the slab to its former, even surface. 

So how does it work? Small holes are drilled in a pattern through the concrete slab, and then a structural resin is injected through these holes using pumps and hoses. The expanding resin is what essentially lifts the concrete, and results can be achieved in a matter of hours.

While the process may appear quite simple, it is definitely not as easy as it looks, and only an experienced team should ever take on a slab-jacking project.


What Sort of Concrete Surfaces Can Slab Jacking Restore?

Slab jacking can assist in stabilising and re-levelling a diverse range of concrete structures, from residential driveways, commercial floors, industrial warehouses and hardstands, concrete steps and more. If you’re uncertain as to whether your concrete slab can be repaired through slab jacking or not, feel free to get in touch with the expert team at Raise and Relevel today. 


What are Some Reasons For Slab Jacking Being the Preferred Method for Levelling Concrete? 

Over the years, slab jacking has become an increasingly popular method for re-levelling concrete, and it is used more and more often as an alternative to slab replacement. But what is it that makes slab jacking the best method of concrete levelling?

  • Cost-Effective- Replacing your concrete slab, while necessary in certain cases, is a massive expense. And not only is it expensive, but it is also very time-consuming. Slab jacking offers an affordable alternative as the method does not require a large team or many materials. It can also be completed in a short amount of time. So, for these reasons, slab jacking only costs a fraction of what slab replacement costs.
  • Quick- Most times, depending on the size of the concrete slab that needs to be repaired, slab jacking only takes a few hours to complete. As concrete is not used in the process, there is no need to wait for concrete to cure– which can take weeks in some cases! The resin used in slab jacking takes around 15 minutes to cure, so you can enjoy your repaired concrete surface in no time at all.
  • Highly Effective- Slab jacking gives you precise, effective results, and this is probably the dominant reason behind this method’s popularity. The process goes a step further and improves the ground strength thanks to the expansive forces of the resin that are generated during the process of re-levelling your concrete slab, thus extending its lifespan.
  • Ideal For a Diverse Range of Concrete Surfaces- As we have already discussed, slab jacking is ideal for a wide range of concrete surfaces, lending the service to both commercial and residential applications. Almost all sunken concrete can be re-levelled using this method, and this is certainly a predominant reason for slab jacking’s increase in popularity. You could have multiple concrete areas repaired by the same team in just one day.
  • Not as Messy as Other Methods- When the slab jackers leave your property, there won’t even be a sign that they were there besides your improved concrete slab. One of the best things about slab jacking is that it is easy on your landscape, and there is very little disturbance. No heavy equipment is used, and your property will be back to normal in no time. Compare this to slab replacement, where very heavy machinery is used, and your landscape can suffer some damage along the way. Slab jacking is exceptionally neat and non-invasive in comparison. 
  • Can be Done No Matter the Weather- When working with concrete, warm, dry weather is usually best, and you may have to wait for the ideal weather for your project to be carried out. But with slab jacking, the process can be done in any weather because the material used does not need specific conditions to cure. This adds convenience and ease to your project and its timeframe.
  • Objects Do Not Need to be Moved Off the Concrete Slab- With some concrete repairs, all items need to be moved off the slab. But this is not the case when it comes to slab jacking. The resins used in slab jacking are strong enough to lift the concrete slab, along with any items that may already be placed on top of the slab. Once again, this saves you time and makes for a highly efficient project.


Slabjacking in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane

Slabjacking is certainly the preferred method of re-levelling concrete slabs in Australia. And luckily, Raise and Relevel are here to meet all of your slab jacking and concrete repair needs.

Have you been looking for a company that provides professional slab jacking services in Sydney? Do you need your concrete slab re-levelled? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the experienced team at Raise and Relevel today. We’d love to be part of your concrete slab repair project.

Feel free to call us on 1300 535 420, and we can discuss your slab jacking requirements further. We look forward to hearing from you.

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