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Jammed Doors & Windows

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Have you got jammed doors or stuck Windows? If you frequently face issues like the window is stuck or door jamming or not closing, you likely have a settling foundation. The sinking (subsidence) of a building is a common cause of misalignment of the doors and windows, and face problems when closing and opening doors and windows. 

Though sometimes, natural expansion and contraction of wood causes jammed doors and stuck windows. However, if the condition persists or worsens over time, the foundation should be examined immediately. If you do not address subsidence, it can exacerbate the problem and increase the cost of repairing it.

Jammed Doors
Stuck Windows

Causes of Jammed windows and stuck doors:

Buildings are inevitably subjected to damage that can usually be repaired relatively easily. However, foundation damage is severe damage caused as the soil beneath the foundation of a building becomes unstable and weakens the structure causing subsidence (sinking). To fix subsidence, seek expert advice to identify the underlying problem and get the best possible solution. 

Probable causes

  • Erosion of soil due to water flow beneath the structure’s foundation, causing a void and thus subsidence.
  • A flaw in the foundation design or construction.
  • Multiple soil conditions, e.g. reactive clays
  • Vibration due to excavation can damage a nearby building’s foundation.
  • Vegetation and trees also affect the building’s foundation.

Reach out to the experts at Raise and Relevel

We at Raise and Relevel are subsidence repair specialists providing long-lasting solutions through innovative, proven-to-work treatment methods tailored to address the problem using polyurethane resin injection, void filling, water stopping and structural repair. 

Our experienced team at Raise and Relevel will be able to get doors and windows operating correctly with minimal mess and disturbance. We ensure long-lasting remedies for your jammed doors and windows using environmentally inert products. Call or email us right away to know more about us and our repairing solutions.

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Questions you should ask

Your home is everything to you and your family, so before going ahead with any subsidence repairs, we’ve put together a list of questions our customers should ask:

What actual experience in resin injection does the person quoting my job have?

We offer advice, not sales, so we don’t employ salespeople. The person who quotes your job does your job, and has been relevelling homes like yours for over 15 years.

How many homes have you raised and relevelled?

Our specialists have raised over 7,000 homes in total.

What guarantee do I get that the solution is permanent?

If the problem returns, we return. We provide a fully guaranteed warranty on materials and workmanship.

How do I know I’m getting the best value?

At R+R, we have no call centres, no sales people and minimal overheads, all of which enables us to provide the best value for our customers.

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