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If your house is cracking with tell-tale signs on its walls and or ceilings or has other issues such as subsidence, you need better than just wall repair. R+R offers specialised raising and relevelling structure solutions.

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Our Solutions

01. Sinking floors

Your floor can sink due to underlying soil movement. It can impact your entire home or a few places within your home.

02. Cracking of Walls

Damaged foundations and structural damage can result in the cracking of walls and cracks in concrete.

03. Unlevelled Structures

Are you facing problems opening and closing doors or windows? The reason may be an unlevelled floor cause by subsidence.

01. Trees can cause soil Subsidence

Often, vegetation growing near the foundations of your home can be a cause of subsidence. Tree root structures draw large amounts of moisture from the surrounding areas, dehydrating the soils which can cause the house to sink.

02. Water Logging

Water seepage and accumulation in the footing areas due to improper drainage can cause concrete sinking.

03. Soil erosion, Weak Ground

Constant flooding can damage your home by creating a void that undermines the whole foundation, causing severe damage.

Resin Injection

For house underpinning, we fill voids under the ground injecting structural resin. The process helps in rebinding the foundation to the soil and results in levelling the concrete foundations of your home.

Strategic Support

Strategic support is a proven solution for long-term structural stability. Layers of structural resin are placed under the foundation to strengthen the structure and prevent cracks from appearing in the concrete

Non-invasive Process

Resin is injected through tiny holes in the floor to relevel the sunken floor. The process is entirely non-invasive with no disruptions to regular life.

House and Wall Crack Repairs.

The cracks in the walls and ceilings as well as the gaps in the floors are visibly minimised or closed.

Strengthening the Foundation

Underpinning your Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane house can return a subsided floor to its original level. Resin injection offers long-term stability for your home due to its ability to compact the ground and improve bearing capacity.

Floors are Relevelled

The result is relevelled floors and walls that allows free movement of the windows and door of your home.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Our raise and relevel solutions fix structural issues and prevent further damage for the long term, with no mess or disruption.

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Value for Money.

We offer the best value when it comes to underpinning cost vs. benefit.


We are one of Australia’s most experienced teams with expertise in structural relevelling.


We offer full warranties on our workmanship and our materials

Frequently Asked Questions

A home is an investment for a lifetime, for you and your family. Make sure you ask the following questions before engaging a relevelling contractor to Raise and Relevel your home.

How much experience do you have in structural resin injection?

We bring 50 years combined of experience in relevelling homes with structural resin injection techniques.

So how many homes have been relevelled by you?

We have been underpinning homes in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane since 2005.  We have more than 7000 satisfied homeowners who used our relevelling solution.

What guarantee do you provide that the solution is permanent?

If the problem returns, we return. We provide a fully guaranteed warranty on materials and workmanship. In the unlikely event that the problem resurfaces, we come back and deal with it.

What is the proof that you offer the best value?

At R+R, we have kept our overhead costs down to a minimum thanks to our lean and efficient organisational structure – with all savings passed on to our customers. So if it’s concrete house levelling or driveway repair work, you’ll get the best value.



Why should I choose you?

At R+R, we understand that every home is unique. We strive to deliver the highest quality work, backed by years of experience at a minimum cost.