Driveway Releveling and Other Residential Solutions

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Driveway Releveling and Other Residential Solutions

Helping customers when their house is cracking, or they have cracked walls, sinking concrete or require house underpinning are the most common services Raise and Relevel provides. 

Raise and Relevel are also specialists in providing solutions to the more uncommon following problems.

Is your property affected by weak or unstable ground?

The weak or unstable ground can also be problematic when it is not directly under the home or swimming pool. 

If the house is built into or above a slope and/or supported by retaining walls, these areas can deteriorate over time affecting the house or pool structure causing cracked walls or concrete sinking.

Our specialised polyurethane resin injection methods are a cost-effective solution in strengthening and re-stabilising most weak or unstable ground problems

Do you have a void or sinkhole that needs filling

Voids and sinkholes which need filling can occur both during and after the construction of your home or swimming pool.

Voids are caused by natural events such as heavy rain, floods, general erosion or the ground itself can collapse into a pre-existing underground void. 

Voids can also occur due to unnatural reasons such as a water pipe bursting, downpipes leaking over a longer period of time or mine-subsidence related settlement.

Such voids need to be filled quickly, cost-effectively and material selection needs to provide adequate strength to support the structural loads.

Raise and Revel can provide a range of solutions including polyurethane resin injection void filling as well as cementitious grouting solutions. 

Has your paving around your swimming pool sunken?

Swimming pool surround slabs have a propensity to sink or subside over time. This is sometimes due to the weak ground under the swimming pool paving, or the fill under the surround slabs being poorly compacted during construction

However, more often it is due to the long term effects of water entering into the ground or fills materials, which over time undermines it causing the swimming pool surround slab or swimming pool paving to sink or become unlevel.

The Raise and Relevel ground surgeons have cost-effectively and quickly repaired hundreds of swimming pool surround using our specialised polyurethane resin injection technique

Does your concrete driveway need releveling?

Driveway defects often involve concrete driveway slabs that have sunken or become unlevel, creating a ‘lip’ between slabs. These can be both a dangerous trip hazard and if not fixed, can cause the driveway to become structurally damaged beyond repair.  

Concrete driveway failures are most often caused by poorly compacted fill during construction or dynamic vehicular loadings over a period of time, causing the slabs to subside.

Another type of failure can also be caused by tree roots growing under the concrete driveway and allowing unwanted movement. Or broken downpipes causing the subgrade to be washed out, allowing the concrete driveway to sink.

These types of concrete driveway relevling can easily and cost-effectively be undertaken by Raise and Relevel using our polyurethane resin injection methods. Concrete driveway releveling can often be completed in half a day for a fraction of the cost of replacing the concrete slab without downtime.

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Questions you should ask

Your home is everything to you and your family, so before going ahead with any subsidence repairs, we’ve put together a list of questions our customers should ask:

What actual experience in resin injection does the person quoting my job have?

We offer advice, not sales, so we don’t employ salespeople. The person who quotes your job does your job, and has been relevelling homes like yours for over 15 years.

How many homes have you raised and relevelled?

Our specialists have raised over 7,000 homes in total.

What guarantee do I get that the solution is permanent?

If the problem returns, we return. We provide a fully guaranteed warranty on materials and workmanship.

How do I know I’m getting the best value?

At R+R, we have no call centres, no sales people and minimal overheads, all of which enables us to provide the best value for our customers.

Why should I choose you?

R+R will deliver you better value, through real experience, with guaranteed results.